Families and carers


Sometimes people approach us who may be looking for support with a family member or somebody they care for.

Sometimes they are going on holiday and need a break. Sometimes it’s a family in crisis. They just want some help in shaping this person’s life. Often they are not looking for a permanent residence but, after a given period and an improving situation, their feelings may change. We are very happy to help and will do all we can, but we won’t do anything without the say-so of the person who may be staying here.

We speak to them. We’re not trying to take over, simply looking for the right solution for everyone.  Parents and carers can drive a situation and, if all goes well, they will be asked to refer to a GP, social worker or other professional. However, the view of our potential resident is critical and we will always move at their pace.


Like we said, there’s nowhere like it.


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Without exception, people and relatives praised the service staff for their caring and professional approach. People valued the relationships that they had built up with the management and support workers and we found that they used their initiative and went beyond what was expected to support people.
— CQC Inspectors