Our approach


Collective Continuity

Everything we do, every intervention, every piece of work is done together. We make things happen. But throughout it all, we are ‘with’, and never ‘for’.

Each person that we care for is different in their own way, but all with the same potential to lead better lives.

We give opportunities to people to be the best they can be. A chance to live a life they choose and a place in society that they want. We ask them how they want to live and what they want to do. We encourage them to take positive risks. Then we provide guidance, adaptive skills and care. Constant, continuous, collective care. The rest comes from them.


Adaptive Skills

Most people arrive here with a need to develop their daily living skills. That’s why, when we assess their ability to live independently, we assess their adaptive skills.

These are the everyday skills needed to function, interact with others, and effectively take care of oneself. Such adaptive skills are essential to progression into independent living, and everyone is encouraged and motivated to improve.That’s why we address:


Communication Skills

Understanding and using verbal and non-verbal language.

Leisure Skills

Having the ability to participate in the community and taking responsibility for own activities.


Community Use

Shopping, using public transport and services.

Self Direction

Decision making, end of life, planning activities.



Working and cooperating with others, reliability, punctuality, meeting deadlines.

Health and Safety

Responding to personal health problems, ability to protect oneself and others, road safety.


Literacy & Numeracy Skills

Money, filling in forms, phonics, correct terminology, weights and measures.

Social Skills

Maintaining relationships, dating, understanding emotions and social boundaries, honesty, rules and laws.



Education is at the heart of the Cascade philosophy; Our people are encouraged to engage in a range of programmes, qualifications and development courses using the ASDAN programme.

Courses range from ‘Money Management’ to ‘Independent Living’ and all work towards developing life skills and achieving personalised goals.


Positive behavioural support (PBS) is about increasing personal skills, and enhancing a place within the community, whilst reducing the need for restrictive interventions.

Wherever possible, we will work collaboratively on PBS care plans to ensure a thorough assessment of each person’s particular needs, using the appropriate Outcome Star, often integrating social stories.


We believe in providing care which is appropriate to individual needs. Each person plays an integral role in planning and implementing their own care, being encouraged to review and evaluate their progress on a regular basis. This process will enable them to plan their journey towards independent living at a pace that suits them.

We achieve this through the nationally-recognised Outcomes Star method. This both measures and supports progress towards self-reliance and other goals. The stars are designed to be completed together as an integral part of keywork. All versions consist of a number of scales making it possible to plot, measure and prove progress on the journey.

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