This is a team game.

We work closely with local authorities, accommodation officers, care co-ordinators, community nurses, social workers, mental health nurses, clinical psychologists, speech therapists, physiotherapists and nutritionists.

Collectively, our aim is very similar: to do what’s right for those that we are asked to support. In so doing, we hope to demonstrate good, sustainable and long-term value in managing budgets and resources.


Anyone who comes to live with us is placed in a facility that is age appropriate for them.

There is no upper age limit, and we could take people as young as 13 in the future. Each person’s needs, risks and compatibility are looked at in great detail  and, once it is clear that we can provide the support they need, we prepare a thorough plan that offers support and transition.


This includes an introduction to the home and the local area, and provides help with a host of lifestyle preferences and adaptive skills.

Finally, it sets out staffing arrangements and the appointment of a key worker. At all times we we will review how the transition is going, ensuring that the individual is settling in well and that all the various parties are equally happy with the placement and the support we provide.

We think it’s a kind of care that works for everyone.

Education is at the heart of the Cascade philosophy Service users will be encouraged to engage in a range of programmes, qualifications and development courses using the ASDAN programme.